10 Important Tips for a Successful Start in Genshin Impact

 In this Genshin Impact guide, I'll provide you with 10 vitally important tips that I wish I had known before starting the game. When you embark on your journey in Genshin Impact, the game can be overwhelming, with numerous activities, mechanics, and resources. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to make bad early-game decisions that can haunt your account in the long run, and we definitely don't want that, do we?

10 important for genshin impact
10 Tips for Genshin Impact

10 Vital Tips for Excelling in Genshin Impact

With today's tips, you'll be able to build a strong account with loads of valuable items. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it. Speaking of valuable items, let's talk about upgrade materials.

1. Strategic Upgrade Management

As you're aware, to upgrade weapons and characters, you need specific items like enhancement ores for weapons, XP nodes for your characters, and so on. The key takeaway here is, do not spread yourself too thin. When you start the game, you'll quickly acquire multiple interesting characters and weapons, along with a shower of upgrade materials and money. It might be tempting to level up all those characters simultaneously but resist that urge. Focus on only one main character for the early game and upgrade only that character.

My personal rule of thumb is not to spend any resources on other characters until your chosen main character and their weapon reach level 40. Even as your adventure rank increases, prioritize your main character before investing in others.

2. Choose Your Main Character Wisely

On the topic of choosing a main character, if you're unsure, picking your traveler as your main character is not a bad idea. The traveler can master multiple elements, providing flexibility in various team combinations throughout the game.

3. Consistent Task Completion

Always complete your daily, weekly, and recurring tasks. Genshin Impact is a marathon, not a sprint, thanks to the resin system, which limits dairy farming. Being persistent and completing daily and weekly tasks is crucial for long-term account growth. Daily commissions, expeditions, the Battle Pass, and city bounties are excellent sources of rewards.

To make daily logins easier, put Genshin Impact on your phone. Cross-save allows you to play on both your PC and phone with the same account. Even if you don't actively play on your phone, logging in daily for a few minutes can help you complete quick tasks and maximize your rewards.

4. Optimize Primal Gem Usage

Now, let's talk about saving primal gems. Primal gems are used primarily for character and weapon banners, so it's crucial not to waste them. Use them exclusively on limited-time event banners, not the standard banner. Avoid spending primal gems on weapon banners unless you have well-established character setups. Don't go for every 5-star character; instead, focus on those that provide value to your account.

Never spend primal gems on resin. Primal gems are precious, and using them to refill resin is not a wise investment. Keep an eye out for an in-depth guide on primal gems, banners, and optimizing your Genshin Impact economy.

5. Smart Shopping

Moving on to the shop, spend star glitter only on characters, especially powerful 4-star characters available in certain months. Use stardust to buy equine and intra-twine fates each month. These resources are crucial for obtaining new characters and weapons.

6. Prudent Resin Management

Now, let's discuss resin management. Spend your daily resin on Leyline Blossoms in the early game. Avoid using fragile resins or primo gems to refill resin at low adventure ranks. Save these resources for later stages when the rewards are more valuable.

Rank up your reputation in Liyue to at least level 3 as soon as possible to unlock the ability to craft condensed resin. This item allows you to store up to 5 resins, providing flexibility in your resin usage.

7. Mindful Adventure Rank Progression

Adventure rank is essential, but don't rush it mindlessly. After certain adventure ranks, ascension quests are required to further increase your adventure rank. Strategically use these quests to control your progression.

8. Teapot Utilization

Moving to a different aspect of the game, don't neglect your teapot. Unlocking the housing system at adventure rank 28 provides access to free money, upgrade materials, and more. Utilize the teapot system to enhance your overall gameplay.

9. Resource Gathering

Lastly, gather everything you come across in the world. Resources gathered, such as wood, will be essential for various aspects of the game, including teapot construction and character upgrades. A well-stocked inventory will save you time and effort in the long run.

10. Bonus Tip: Oculus Mapping

As a bonus tip, use an Oculus map. Collecting all Oculus is crucial for upgrading statues of the Seven, providing valuable rewards. Plan your collection strategically to avoid missing any Oculus.


In wrapping up, think of these tips as your secret weapons for mastering Genshin Impact. Imagine the game as a big adventure, and these tips are like your treasure map—showing you where to go and how to make the most of your journey.

Remember, playing Genshin Impact is like a marathon, not a sprint. Doing your daily and weekly tasks, choosing your characters wisely, and using your resources smartly will make your journey smoother and more exciting. The teapot system and Oculus mapping might sound a bit fancy, but they're like bonus levels that can give you cool stuff and make your game even more awesome.

So, as you venture through Teyvat, keep these tips in your back pocket. They'll help you level up your characters, get the best rewards, and most importantly, have a blast in the world of Genshin Impact. It's not just about winning; it's about enjoying every step of the way. Good luck, adventurers!
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