7 Secrets Revealed: How to Rush Like a Pro in Free Fire

Are you finding it challenging to rush in Clash code custom rooms or Battle Royale matches? Are you sick of getting knocked down by players when trying to rush? Do you want to know the secret strategies, tips, and tricks that pro players use to rush? Well, you clicked on the right blog because, in this Article, I'm going to cover topics such as how to rush, how to create a rush plan, when to rush and when not to rush, mistakes that players make when rushing, and the best characters and guns to use when rushing in Free Fire. But before that, first, let's see what is meant by rushing in Free Fire.

How to Rush Like a Pro in Free Fire
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1. Understanding Rushing in Free Fire

What rushing in Free Fire basically means is when you and your squad are going into an enemy's territory and eliminating them. But before we learn how to rush, first, we need to know when to rush and when not to rush. Before rushing, first, you need to ensure that you have the necessary items such as enough glue, helmets, vests, med kits, permanent or temporary covers, and so on.

One of the biggest mistakes that players make when rushing is that they don't make a plan before rushing. Making a plan before rushing is crucial. If you are playing a solo match, you will need to create your plan on how to rush. However, if you are playing with your squad, the team leader will have to create a plan on how to rush.

2. Creating a Rush Plan

Now, you might ask, "How can I create a plan on how to rush?" Well, when creating your rush plan, try to find the safest route for you or your squad to take to get into the enemy's territory. If you rush straight into the enemy, there's a higher chance that your enemy could easily take you down with headshots. Plus, it will be easy to notice you and your squad if you're rushing straight into the enemy in an open ground. As you all know, it's always better to do a surprise attack on the enemy. This way, the enemy won't have enough time to plan on how to defend. So, instead of rushing straight into the enemy, you or your squad could take a different route or route to get into the enemy's territory. I'll get more into the rushing plan when I get to the topic of how to rush.

3 Team Coordination is Key

Now, when you are playing with your squad, first, you need to appoint a leader. If you have already appointed one, the leader will have to create the plans and give instructions to the other teammates on how and where to rush. The other teammates can get different roles according to their skills, such as rusher, sniper, flanker, medic, helper, grenade expert, and so on.

Team coordination is also very important when rushing. If you and your teammates don't talk to each other in the match, it will be very hard to create a good rushing plan. So always try to talk with your teammates and follow the leader's instructions.

4. Choosing Guns and Characters for Rushing

Before rushing, you'll need to know what are the best guns and characters to use when rushing. When talking about rushing, most of the time, the rusher will need to have good close-range guns, such as SMGs and shotguns. If you carry the wrong set of guns, the enemy side could have a better advantage in the fight. So when choosing the guns for rushing, try to choose the guns that have a high rate of fire and can do decent amounts of damage. For SMGs, the best guns that I recommend are the MP40, the MP5, the Double Vector, and the UMP. For shotguns, the best guns that I recommend are the M1887 and the M870.

Now, let's see what are the best characters to use when rushing. Number one is Skyler. Skyler can unleash a supersonic wave that can damage up to five globals within 100 meters. Also, each global deployment will result in increasing SP recovery beginning from 9 points. These two skills can be very important for rushing, so I highly recommend at least one of your squadmates use Skyler. If multiple teammates have the Skyler character, make sure that you all don't use the skill at once. That's because if all of you use this kind of character at once to break the enemy's glue wall, the enemy could place another glue, but you and your teammates will have to wait for Skyler's skill to reset. So, as I said earlier, make sure that you have good team coordination.

The next active character that I would recommend is Wukong. This character can be very useful for those who do solo rushing because Wukong's skill can get refreshed as soon as you knock down an enemy. The next character that I would recommend is A124. This character is recommended because, with every 10 decreases in maximum HP, armor penetration increases by 10 percent. Tracking can play a very important part when rushing down an enemy. That's because if you know the enemy's location, it will be easy to plan and attack that enemy. So I highly recommend at least one of your teammates use the A124 character. Movement speed also plays a huge role when rushing, so I recommend that you guys use the Kelly character because Kelly's skill increases the movement speed by 6 percent. Two other characters that I would recommend are Jota and Luqueta.

5. Safe Routes and Rushing Strategies

Now, let's get to the topic of how to rush. Let's take this situation as an example: the enemy squad that you want to rush is camping in this house. There are three routes that you and your squad could take to reach the enemy's house: Route A, Route B, and Route C. But, as I said earlier, you need to choose the safest route to reach the enemy. If you go through Route A, first check whether there are any permanent covers. In this case, we can see there are three permanent covers. But to get to them safely, you will have to place several glue walls. Even when you get to the cover, you'll still have to place more glue to get to the house. If we just rush straight into the house, then you could easily get taken down because you are going down a slope, and the chance of getting noticed by the enemies is also very high.

Now, let's say we took Route B. The chance of getting noticed by the enemy is a bit low. This part of Route B can be very useful for sniper players. The leader can instruct the sniper to attack enemies and weaken them from this side. But still, the other teammates will have to get to the house. Once the others come to this point, they'll either have to go straight into the house, or else they will have to take the curved path. Taking the curved path can be risky because you can get easily noticed by the enemy, and you will also have to place a lot of glue to get there.

Let's say we took the curved path. When we get to this point, we'll still have to use several glues to get to the house. Since you have to climb up the slope, the enemy could easily hit you. Now, let's say we took Route C. If we take this path, there's a very low chance of getting noticed by the enemy. Once we come to this point, the leader can tell the sniper to attack from Route B and distract the enemy while the other teammates get to the house. In Route C, you can also get a huge advantage from the slope because you can easily get to the house

 without putting much glue. So, in my opinion, Route C is the safest route.

Now, let's say we got to the house, but the question is, how do we rush into the house? There are many strategies that you can use to rush into houses. I won't be able to explain all the house strategies in this video, so if you want a video on different house strategies, make sure to comment down below. For this video, I'll give you guys a few rush strategies that you could use to rush into this house.

Strategy number one: Before using any of the strategies, make sure to check whether the enemy has placed any landmines. Next, place a glue wall in this position to block the enemy. You can use this in normal classic and ranked matches, but I don't think that they allow you to do this trick in tournaments. So make sure to check the rules if you are playing a tournament. Now, if you are playing a normal classic or ranked match, you can block the enemy by placing glue. The other teammates can rush the enemy from the other side.

Strategy number two: You can check whether there's an enemy camping near the stack by aiming from these windows. If an enemy is hiding there, you can easily attack them by using this trick. But sometimes, enemies could hide a little bit far away from this place. So to get into the house, you will have to either eliminate or chase those enemies. To do that, you can use grenades. Throwing grenades into the enemy can also break down the enemy's confidence. Once you throw grenades, you can quickly get through the staircase and attack the enemy. You can also place landmines on the ground. If the enemy panics and jumps out of the house when you throw grenades, there's a chance that the enemy might land on those landmines.

6. Useful Tricks Before Rushing

Your own confidence also plays a huge role when rushing. If you don't have enough confidence, you might panic, and when you panic, it could get hard for you to think about your next step in the fight. Try to stay calm and be confident.

Strategy number three: Ask a teammate to distract the enemy while your teammate distracts your enemy. You can place two glue walls like this. Next, you and your squad can climb the glue walls and go inside the house, and do a surprise attack on the enemy..

Now, I'll tell you guys a very useful trick that most pro players do before rushing, and next, I will tell you guys two big mistakes that players make when rushing. So, guys, the trick is to weaken the enemy before rushing. For example, when the sniper in your squad attacks the enemies from long range, it will be easy for the rusher to take down those enemies.

7. Common Mistakes in Rushing

Now, let's talk about the two big mistakes that players make in rushing. 

Mistake No. 1: rushing alone. It's very important to rush with your squad when you're playing squad games. In tournaments and high-rank matches, you face very competitive and experienced players. If at least one of you gets knocked down, the opponent team will have a higher advantage in the fight. Most pro squads have two rushers in the squad, so these two rushers must have good coordination. 

Mistake No. 2: mountains can both be an advantage and a disadvantage when rushing. If you climb mountains like this in a straight path upwards, it will be easy for your enemy to hit your team. But sometimes, mountains can also be used as a good defense. If you don't want to waste much glue, you can use the mountains to your advantage.

And, guys, always try to rush to the safest route. But, as I said earlier, always make a great plan before rushing.


Mastering the art of rushing in Free Fire requires a combination of strategic planning, effective communication, and choosing the right characters and weapons. By avoiding common mistakes and implementing professional strategies, you can elevate your rushing game and increase your chances of success in every match.

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