How to Do Drag Headshots in Free Fire: Tips & Tricks 2024

Hey, what's up, gamers! In this blog, I'm excited to share a step-by-step guide on how to execute drag headshots effortlessly in various ranges—long, mid, and short. Before we dive into the techniques, let's discuss some crucial settings that will set the stage for your drag headshot success.

Drag headshot tips and tricks

Mastering Drag Headshots: A Comprehensive Guide for Pro Players

1. General Sensitivity:

free fire general settings

The key to nailing drag headshots starts with your general sensitivity settings. A low sensitivity can make it challenging to achieve accurate shots. Aim to set your sensitivity between 90 and 100, ensuring a balance that suits your gameplay style.

2. Button Size and Position:

Button size and position setting in free fire

The size and position of your Fire buttons are critical factors. Avoid extremes—a too-large Fire button restricts drag space, while a too-small one may lead to mistresses. Keep the Fire-button size between 40 and 60, and consider placing it with a bit of space at the bottom for advanced drag headshot tricks.

3. Aim Precision Setting:

Adjust the aim precision setting to default for optimal performance. This setting plays a significant role in your ability to land precise drag headshots.

Aim Precision Setting

Techniques for Long-Range Drag Headshots:

a. Crosshair Placement:

Explore three crosshair placements for long-range drag headshots. Placing the crosshair red on the enemy's body is often the most effective due to the default enemy's lower path in long-range scenarios.

b. Scope Usage:

Consider using the scope for long-range engagements. The scope provides a slight advantage, allowing for faster drags. Experiment with zooming in and out tricks for quick crosshair placement adjustments.

Techniques for Mid-Range Drag Headshots:

a. Straight Drags:

For mid-range encounters, employ three crosshair placements. Utilize straight drags with the crosshair placed away from the enemy's body, below the leg level, and above the head level for different scenarios.

Drag position in free fire

b. Down-Up Drags:

Introduce the down-up drag technique for situations where the crosshair is placed above the enemy's head level. This technique involves dragging downwards and quickly pulling the crosshair upwards.

Techniques for Short-Range Drag Headshots:

Short-range drag headshots pose unique challenges due to the high power of the default enemy. Use the following crosshair placements:

a. Below the Leg Level:

Place the crosshair white below the enemy's leg level and drag upwards for a straightforward short-range headshot.

b. On Top of the Body:

Experiment with the down-up drag technique by placing the crosshair on top of the enemy's body. This involves dragging the crosshair downwards and swiftly pulling it upwards.

c. Recoil Control:

Mastering drag headshots requires controlling recoil. Implement the split-fire technique by firing a few bullets, pausing, and repeating. This technique minimizes recoil, ensuring accurate shots.

d. Utilizing Skins:

Optimize your gameplay with gun skins that enhance double firing and accuracy. Additionally, choose a character with abilities that boost accuracy, such as the E-Stick D-B-Cactor.


In conclusion, mastering drag headshots requires a combination of precise settings, strategic crosshair placements, and recoil control. Incorporate these techniques into your gameplay, and you'll be on your way to becoming a drag headshot expert. For more pro tips on winning class-based matches, check out the recommended blog on the website. Happy gaming!

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