Farlight 84 Developer Q&A: Exclusive Syfer Skin, Old Heroes Return & New Map News!

Hey there, fellow gamers! If you're a fan of FarLight 84, you're in for a treat. The developers recently hosted a Q&A session, and we've got the scoop on the latest updates and community feedback. So, let's dive right into it!

FarLight 84 Q&A: Exciting Updates and Community Feedback

Image Source: ZakWylder (YouTube)

1. Keeping It Unique:

The first question was about FarLight 84's long-term plans to stand out in the Battle Royale genre. The developers acknowledged the importance of being distinctive and promised an exciting announcement about their strategic vision for the game. We're definitely looking forward to what they have in store for us!

2. Battling Cheaters:

Cheaters can ruin the fun in any game, and FarLight 84 is taking steps to tackle this issue. They've enhanced their anomaly detection system to remove suspicious accounts from matches, even if they weren't necessarily cheating. They've also implemented new anti-cheat measures and are committed to maintaining a zero-tolerance policy against cheaters. Fair play is their top priority!

3. A More Dynamic Game:

The game's lobby screen and background music will get a facelift. New backgrounds and lobby music will be introduced with each season, making the game feel more alive. It's a change that many players have been asking for.

4. Customization Is Coming:

While there are no plans to revert to older HUD displays, the developers are working on providing more options for customization. So, you'll have more control over your in-game interface in the future.

5. Graphics and Brightness Concerns:

Some players have reported issues with graphics and brightness. The developers have offered some solutions in the settings, but they're also looking into addressing these concerns more effectively.

6. The New Map:

We all love new maps, but sometimes things don't go as planned. Due to scheduling issues, the release of the new map has been delayed. But fear not, it's expected to arrive early in 2024. Patience is key!

7. Gifting Options:

The idea of gifting items to other players is fantastic, but it comes with challenges. The developers are concerned about the emergence of black markets for account recharging. They're considering gifting options but want to ensure they protect players from fraud and unauthorized transactions.

8. New Skins:

Cipher fans, this one's for you! A new SSR skin for Cipher will be available through the Battle Pass shortly. So, keep an eye out for that!

9. Solo Mode and Tournaments:

If you've been hoping for a solo mode, there are no immediate plans, but the future holds many possibilities. As for big tournaments in different regions, they're currently piloting tournaments in the Philippines and Latam. If successful, they're open to expanding to more regions and are even encouraging community-organized tournaments.

10. VIP on PC:

Many players have asked about purchasing VIP on PC. The developers say to watch out for their 'What's Next' segment for more details. It's coming soon!

11. Community Feedback:

Last but not least, the developers have acknowledged various community feedback, including issues with rejoining matches, bringing back old heroes, addressing mic problems, and adding melee weapons and skins. They're listening to the players and will continue working on improvements.


In conclusion, FarLight 84 is actively working to enhance your gaming experience, and your feedback is crucial. Stay updated with their announcements and follow their social media for the latest news. The future looks bright for FarLight 84, and we can't wait to see what's in store for this exciting game! So, gear up, stay tuned, and we'll see you in the next match!

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