Palworld Tips & Tricks: What Are the Top 10 Early Pals?

So, do you want to stop struggling early on and deal a ton of damage? Get the best spells and defeat bosses like it's nothing? Well, I have the article for you. I'm going to guide you step-by-step on how to start with the best early Pals and build towards an amazing team that can cover all bases and give you opportunities to counter almost every ability and element in the game.

Best pals in Palworld
Best Pals in Palworld

Mastering Pal Farming in the Early Game - A Comprehensive Guide

1. The FoxParks Harness Advantage

Foxparks Harness
Foxparks Harness

The strongest early Pal is going to be the Fox parks, especially since at level six, you can craft a harness for it, essentially turning it into a flamethrower and dealing, in my opinion, some of the highest damage at this point. You can even take down one of the starting bosses just with this if you play it carefully. You'll find these Fox Parks around the Valley's starting point, and by defeating or capturing them, you get the materials needed for the harness, including leather and flame organ palum fragments.

2. Boosting Damage with Pal Gear Workbench

Pal Gears Workbench
Pal Gears Workbench

You'll also need to research and craft a Pal Gear Workbench, which will significantly boost your early-game damage. This crucial step sets the stage for powerful encounters down the line.

3. The LifMonks and Submachine Upgrade


Eventually, you'll reach the Rain Syndicate location a bit further west, where you'll find Lift Monks near the tower. Capture them, and at level 11, they will give you a submachine upgrade with even longer range and greater strength. This opens up new tactical possibilities, allowing you to use a longbow effectively and take down creatures, including early bosses.

4. Deer Farming for Extra Support

Deer Farming
Deer Farming

You can also farm some deer early on, which can help you tank damage with their strong charge ability and long-range attack from their horns. Now, you're set up to farm the next batch of strong Pals.

5. Chillet - A Daily Boss


One notable one is Chillet, a boss you can defeat daily, providing you with the opportunity to capture it with better stats. Additionally, I'll show you how to find Dino Sons, half-dragon, half-nature creatures that are strong and tanky. Their abilities include Dragon Burst, Botanical Smash, and Wind Cutter, providing a versatile set for various situations.

6. Traverse the Terrain Faster

To traverse the terrain faster, you have two options early on: a ground option called Rush Boss, found in the Red Forest area near the Hasalite Church, and a flying option, the Nitewing, which you can unlock at level 15. The Nitewing is faster and allows you to explore the map more efficiently.

7. Nitewing and Vanwyrm - Your Mounts for Success


Later, at level 21, you can upgrade to a Vanwyrm for even better stamina consumption. With these mounts, you're ready to hunt some truly powerful starting Pals.

8.  Loop Moons - Nighttime Powerhouses

Loopmoons Palworld

Some of the best are the Loop Moons, found west of your starting location, close to the Ravine Entrance Waypoint. Using the Nightwing or Vanwyrm, you can capture these strong creatures that spawn during the night. They have good stats, powerful attacks, and can be useful against neutral element creatures you'll encounter around level 20.

9. Raid-Specific Creatures

Leezpunk Palworld

There are also raid-specific creatures that attack your base, such as Incin Ram, a pure fire creature. Capturing it will help you counter ice enemies. Additionally, there are shiny creatures that spawn randomly in the world and have stronger attacks. Keep an eye and ear out for them, as they can be formidable additions to your team.

10. Shiny Creatures - Powerful Variants

To capture stronger bosses, like the Pan King, use fire creatures like the Vanwyrm or FoxParks, taking advantage of the fire element's effectiveness against ice. Finally, watch out for shiny creatures, as they are larger and more powerful versions of their normal counterparts. For instance, the Malaka near the Waypoint has a powerful draconic breath and a fluffy tackle attack.


So, this is how you can find and collect powerful Pals early on. More options will become available as you progress in the game. Let me know if you'd like to see more in the future. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next one!

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