The Easiest Methods to Get Infinite ANUBIS Early in the Game

 Anubis is one of the most insane Pals you can get in PalWorld, but unfortunately, it comes pretty late into the game; it's a level 47 and quite a difficult boss found on this side of the map. However, you can obtain it much earlier than that. In fact, I'm going to show you a few ways to get it before reaching level 30 or even 25, using specific breeding combinations. Plus, there's an amazing way in which you can capture literally any of the tower bosses in your Pokeballs and essentially use them as well as their companions at your side in combat. So, let's jump right in.

Get ANUBIS Before Level 25

Top 5 Strategies to Get ANUBIS Before Level 25

Early Acquisition of Anubis

Now, the first farming method involves farming a bunch of lower-level bosses. However, this can only be done each in-game hour, so you'll have to wait between each fight before the Boss Arena respawns. For this combination, we'll use a Pan King as well as a Bushi. You can find the Pan King right here on this side of the map, very close to the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings. It's only a level 15, and it's very easy to defeat. Meanwhile, the Bushi can be found in a similar Arena, but this time a little bit further west, close to the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster. You'll find it in its own Arena, and this is a level 23 fight. As always, the parents must have some really good passive skills, such as ferocious, vicious, anything that gives attack damage, or even Burly Body if you want a bit more defense. However, in this case, Runner and Swift can also work really well, making the character very fast. In my test, using a male Pan King and a female Bushi, it gave me a Large Rocky Egg. So, when we go ahead and open this up, yes, it absolutely is an Anubis. Other people online, after doing some research, seem to have gotten the same result when the genders were switched. So, going with a female Pan King and a male Bushi still resulted in an Anubis. I'm 99.999% sure you'll always get an Anubis out of these two right here, no matter what. But let's keep on going.

Alternative Breeding Strategies

There are other combinations in case you want them or if you want another step up, as well as a very cool Pal to have. This will involve a three-step guide in which we'll first have to breed a certain low-level combination, get a high-level 45 Miniboss, and then combine that mini-boss with another lower-level Pal to get another Anubis. In this case, you will get the Yuntide if you combine Quivver and Relaxasaurus. These two are actually easy to find. In the case of the Relaxasaurus, you can find it right here on the side of the map, close to this waypoint. There are plenty of them; all you have to do is search around. If possible, change your world settings to increase their spawn rate by three times; usually, I found this to be extremely helpful. Meanwhile, for the Quivver, there's a level 23 Boss Arena right here at the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant. It's very far from your starting location, Northwest of it, and also close to the Anoba spawn. Honestly, it won't take too long to reach there with proper mounts, and the boss fight is going to be a bit more difficult, but it's absolutely worth it if you can get it with some proper stats. I've done a bunch of these combinations, and in total, I got about 10 Yuntides. The genders on these don't really matter; I did different combinations, and the Yuntide always came out. In this case, I was lucky to have a Burly Body and Ferocious transferred to one of them, and I believe I even have one that has Hooligan, which eventually made this the main one that I would be using as one of the partners for the Anubis to transfer these to the Anubis.

Additional Breeding Combinations

From this point on, to craft the Anubis, you have to combine the Yuntide and then play a Kitsun next to it. For the Kitsun, you're going to have to head over right here, very much up north, close to one of these towers in the area where there's also a boss fight, Tower of the Free Pal Alliance. But there are a bunch of Kitsun here that will just spawn during the nighttime. If you go during the day, it's only going to be a bunch of Foxic. This is what's going to be needed to craft another set of Anubis in case you want it with this level. In my personal opinion, this was the one that also provided the best results because the boss Quivver usually has a pretty good chance to spawn with good stats on it anyway. Plus, Relaxasaurus is very abundant, so creating a very powerful Yuntide does not take that much. Meanwhile, for the Bushi and the Pan King, for example, you do need to wait every hour, so it's going to be quite difficult.

Broner and Mamorest Combination

The final way that I also found was by combining a Broner with a Mamorest. Now, these are going to be a bit higher level because the Mamorest is about level 35 to 37. However, you can find them in the starting area, and many times, you can encounter two or they can just fight with other creatures in the environment, which means you can snag them at low HP values once somebody else deals damage for you. I captured one that way, but it was completely random. You do have to search for a little bit or just level up and then combine it with a Broner. Broners are something that you also find very close to the starting area, specifically right here at the entrance of this valley, the Ravine entrance. Quite a lot of them spawning all around; circling here will eventually bring you to many packs. But in this case, I'm not exactly sure how it's even possible to get a Rocky Egg out of two nature creatures. However, I guess that's just the way the game wants it to be. This is pretty much how you get it; I got like eight of them so far from farming, but obviously, I need a few more before I can get the proper passive skills transferred to the proper offspring. But I'm still breeding these like mad, so the creature has a ton of very strong earth-like abilities; they are absolutely amazing. It also moves very fast by default, so you're going to absolutely love the way this creature fights in combat for you.

Capturing Tower Bosses

Now, there's one final thing that I want to talk about in this blog since we're on the subject of bosses of sorts. You can actually capture all of the bosses from the towers in the game by doing a small little trick, which involves getting a wanted level, then going into the arena, having the boss attacked by the incoming forces, and then throwing any Pal Sphere at them. You will have a 100% chance to capture them. This can work in literally any way to increase your wanted level. You can do it at a small settlement or any other settlement that has any of these guards. Once you do that, immediately go ahead and transfer to one of these towers and start the boss

fight. From this point on, you will notice that on top of the boss, it's not just it that spawned in the arena, but you also get some of those invading forces. They will actually follow you everywhere. So, in this case, just hang around a little bit, maybe aggro them, and try to make them shoot the boss so that they fight each other. Once you see the boss getting damaged, don't wait for too long, just throw a sphere at it, and even though it says 0% chance to catch it, you're going to absolutely catch it on your first try. And lo and behold, now you have both the Handler SLT trainer plus the creature itself. I'm not going to lie; it feels a bit like cheating doing all of this, but I mean, it's still early stages, so early access. This kind of thing is totally expected; it's very fun nonetheless. I always wanted to have the ability to catch some of these creatures. Technically, some of them you can, and there are some early versions and places in which you can do this, but that is pretty much it with the Article. 


In summary, getting Anubis in Pal World can be done earlier than expected. You can use different strategies like farming, specific breeding combos, or capturing bosses. It's a bit like cheating, but it's fun and expected in the early access stage. Remember, the game is still evolving, and there are many exciting ways to explore and enjoy capturing creatures. So, try these methods and have a great time in Pal World!

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