Where Can I Find a Black Marketeer in Palworld?

Given the challenging nature of Palworld's island, it's not surprising that sneaky NPCs are part of the game. One such character is the Black Marketeer trader. This mysterious vendor sells special pals at a higher price. If you're on the lookout for powerful pals but don't know where to find them, we're here to help. Let's explore and list all the locations where you can find the Black Marketeer in Palworld.

Where to Find Black Marketeer
Black Marketeer

hidden spots of Black Marketeers in Palworld?

In Palworld, there are a limited number of Black Marketeers across the map. Unlike Wandering Merchants, these stay in one place. They sell pals for gold, ranging from common to strong ones like Katress. Black Marketeers are usually hidden, making them tricky to find. To help you out, we've listed the exact locations for these traders in Palworld.

Location Coordinates
Abandoned Mineshaft 22, -423
Near The Frozen Wings Fast-Travel 143, -362
Cliff near the village settlement 13, -546
Eastern Wind Island Cliffside 466, -123
Black Marketeer Near a Waterfall 209, -9
Black Marketeer on a Cliffside near Sand Dunes 144, 174
Mount Flopie Marketeer -18, -90
Duneshelter Marketeer 351, 369
Secret Mineshaft at the Sand Dunes 496, 347
Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer -793, -620
Astral Mountain cliffside -37, 218
Under the bridge near Winged Tyrant Fast-Travel -278, -167
Ruined Fortress City -650, -351

Best Black Market Traders in Palworld:

While many Black Marketeers are available, here are some convenient ones to visit:

1. Abandoned Mineshaft:

Abandoned Mineshaft

  •    - Spawn at Desolate Church fast-travel point, go west, and jump off the cliff.
  •    - Coordinates: (22, -423).

2. Cliff Near the Rayne Syndicate Camp:

Cliff Near the Rayne Syndicate Camp

  • - Find a Rayne Syndicate camp, take a left, and fall towards the coordinates (13, -546).

3. Near the Frozen Wings Fast-Travel Point:

Near the Frozen Wings Fast-Travel Point

  •    - From Frozen Wing's fast-travel point, go upstairs, cross the ravine, and climb rocks.
  •    - Coordinates: (143, -362).

4. Under the Bridge Near the Winged Tyrant Fast Travel Point:

Under the Bridge Near the Winged Tyrant Fast Travel Point

  •    - Walk to the end of the bridge at Winged Tyrant fast travel point, look below.
  •    - Coordinates: (-278, -167).

5. On a Beach of Eastern Wind Island:

On a Beach of Eastern Wind Island

  •    - Head to coordinates (466, -123) on Northeastern islands and jump down cliffs.

6. Astral Mountains Cliffside:

Astral Mountains Cliffside

  •    - Spawn at Icy Weasel's fast-travel point, and follow the road to reach the cliffside.
  •    - Coordinates: (-37, 218).

7. On a Cliffside near Sand Dunes:

On a Cliffside near Sand Dunes

  •    - Spawn at Snowy Mountain Fork spawn point, move north until coordinates (144, 174).

8. Beside the Duneshelter:

Beside the Duneshelter

  •  - Reach Duneshelter at coordinates (356, 348), take a right, and find the Black Marketeer at (351, 369).

9. East of the Duneshelter:

East of the Duneshelter

  •  - Move towards two large rocks east of Duneshelter, pass through at (496, 347).

We hope this guide helps you find the Black Marketeers and get your desired pals. If you know a location we missed, share it in the comments below.


In conclusion, navigating the challenging terrain of Palworld to locate Black Marketeers can be a rewarding venture for players seeking powerful pals. These traders, stationed at various strategic points, offer unique companions for a price. The provided guide offers concise directions to find them, making it easier for players to enhance their in-game experience. Remember, the thrill lies in exploration, and if you stumble upon additional Black Marketeer locations, feel free to share your discoveries in the comments. Happy hunting!

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