Palworld Multiplayer Crash Glitch: A Comprehensive Guide

Hey, everyone! today we're diving into Palworld to tackle a multiplayer crash glitch. We're crossing our fingers that the developers fix this soon, but in the meantime, I've got a nifty solution for you. Follow along as I walk you through the steps to get your game back on track.

Fix lag and Crash in Palword Game
Palworld Crash

Fixing Multiplayer Crash Glitch in Palworld - A Simple Guide

The Glitch:

Starting my multiplayer world used to be a headache. Bam! Crash! But fear not, I've got a quick fix to save the day. Let's reload the game and get started.

Step 1: Switch to Single Player Mode

To kick things off, start the game in single-player mode. Turn off multiplayer and get yourself into the game smoothly.

Step 2: Farewell to Your Pals

Now comes the fun part. Head over to your pal box and organize by pal number. Put away all your pals at both bases. Sorted and stored, everyone's in their place.

Palworld Crash Notice
Palworld Crash Notice

Step 3: Fast Travel Magic

Fast travel time! While you can pick any location, I prefer the Seabreeze Archipelago for its flat terrain. Save and exit the game after moving away from the fast travel point.

Step 4: Load and Reload

Here's where the magic happens. Load the game in multiplayer mode. If it crashes, don't panic. Load it first in single-player mode and then again in multiplayer. Sometimes it takes two tries, but patience is key.


Great news! If the game doesn't crash after the reload, you're good to go. Now you can share your invite code and let others join your multiplayer server hassle-free.


And there you have it! This simple fix has saved many players from the multiplayer crash glitch in Palworld. If this solution worked for you, show some love with a like and consider subscribing for more Palworld tips...

Need further assistance or have other solutions? Drop a comment below. I'm all ears! Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, happy gaming!

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